Thursday 17 December 2020

Trending Actress: Eimi Fukada (Updated Info)

 Trending Actress: Eimi Fukada (Updated Info)

socksnew readers, if you were to navigate to nearly the bottom of’s main page, you’d spot someone beautiful. Eimi Fukada has been a trending AV Actress for quite a few weeks now. She’s a y********l, 21-years-old, who’s exploded onto the scene. Even though she’s new, she isn’t being counted out of anything.


  • Cup Size: F-Cup
  • Measurements: 85cm-59cm-91cm
  • Height: 5’2″
  • Birthday: March 18th, 1998

Eimi Fukada, R18’s top trending Japanese pornstar, debuted on November 3rd, 2018. Her movie, “The Master Of Relentless Blowjobs. Spent Cocks Recover Instantly! Blowjob-Loving College Girl Stars In A Porno! Eimi Fukada,” was the start of a new life for Eimi.

Ms. Fukada first entered the Idol life in 2017. Eimi Fukada debuted under the stage name “Amami Kokoro.” She didn’t gain much traction when she started back then and fell off the map – which is something that happens to a lot of girls in AV. Since this started to fall apart on her, she took a step back and decided to work on herself. She debuted with “Premium“, under the name “Eimi Fukada,” before following up with her second movie, “The Perverted Female Rapist Who Ties Men Up And Makes Them Cum. Forced Ejaculation Special. Eimi Fukada,” with “Kawaii.”

Ms. Fukada’s becoming so popular to the point where she’s already pairing up with other sexy AV Actresses to produce movies. Eimi Fukada partnered with Ai Sena for “[VR] Reverse Threesome With College Girls Who M****t You From All Directions In An Intimate Formation. Eimi Fukada, Ai Hoshina.”


Eimi is one of the youngest girls in the AV industry at 21-years-old. When she took a step back, Eimi conducted some light surgery on herself to get her into a state that she felt comfortable. She even started to work on her body by losing weight to gain more of a slender body but that didn’t affect her breasts. Even with the slight weight loss, Eimi is able to maintain her F-Cup breasts.

There is something about Eimi Fukada that most people just love. Perhaps, it because of how young she is, or because of her sheer beauty. Ms. Fukada loves to wear glasses, even without the idea of it being used in AV. Glasses in AV are used to increase the eroticism of the movie. But Eimi is able to pull off wearing glasses and not wearing at the same time. This makes her very versatile in her movies.

Due to how beautiful Eimi Fukada is, and how sexy she is on screen, people are quickly grabbing her movies in bulk. Ms. Fukada has topped the charts multiple times this year, and we’re only in July, for the best selling movies of the year. Being so young, and so beautiful, it’s no doubt that we’re going to see Eimi Fukada go to amazing places – maybe even at the Adult Award Ceremony that Fanza holds yearly.

Also, don’t forget to check out Eimi Fukada’s lovely twitter account! Her account was made before her debut in 2018 (August of the same year). In recent months, she’s gained 45,000 to 140,000 followers! She’s becoming extremely popular and we will for sure see amazing things from this F-Cup titty Actress!

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